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Pax Light Therapy Device

Pax flexible LED infrared light therapy devices are designed to contort to any part of your body. The large 27″ surface area will target large muscle and tissues in a single session. LED infrared is known for stimulating muscle growth, speeding up the recovery process, and helping you create leaner, stronger muscle groups. Recover faster and keep your body at peak performance with Pax.

Sweet Dream Air Purifier

The quiet fan purifies the air all day and night. High and low setting for different times of the day.

Shake Off Mobile Ionizer

The IonBlue Shake Off is a state-of-the-art mobile air purification device with melatonin suppression blue LED technology to keep you healthy and focused.

Dr. Mallife Scalp Care Device

Dr. Mallife, a scalp care device for dermatis, dandruff, and hair loss prevention. Take care of your scalp and hair at home. Increase the effectiveness of hair tonics. Reduce the suffering from itchiness or balding. Use just 3 minutes a day for 8 weeks and feel the amazing effects on your scalp.