Light Therapy

LED near infrared devices for personal light therapy

Light Therapy Devices

Red light therapy devices are designed to promote blood flow through your body and relieve pain in your muscles, tissue, joints and bones.  Red light therapy is very well studied and known to help with body pain, speed recovery time, and prevent issues to your body. Both Hera and Pax come with an adjustable strap ad wireless option for mobile use.

Recover Faster

Maximize the effectiveness of your workout while improving your recovery time.

Reduce Pain

Reduce pain in your joints, muscles, tissue and bones with infrared therapy.

Sleep Better

Recover faster from injuries or workouts and let your body rest more at night.

Treat Your Skin

Promote healthy skin and reduce the impact of scars, wrinkles and wounds.

Flexible Design

The flexible silicone design is engineered to contort to your body's natural curves.

Use At Home

The standard remote has a 10ft cord for use while sitting or laying down

Or On-The-Go

The optional mobile remote will charge up for use on the go wherever you are.

For Targeted Areas

The Hera is just 3" thin so it can wrap around your arms, neck, or legs and target specific areas of your body.

Or Large Areas

Pax has a surface area of 21" and can target large muscles and tissues on your body in one session.

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