Terms & Conditions

HomeCare products are manufactured with careful attention to detail. We are so confident that we offer a guaranteed One Year Warranty. Should any failure or defect occur within the warranty, or should the purchaser want to return any products, please follow the steps of our Return Policy.


Prices are subject to change without notice and without liability with respect to previous sales unless otherwise authorized or specified in writing by Sunbound Lighting. Quotations are subject to acceptance within 60 days, and we reserve the right to withdraw the quotation at any time before the order is accepted by Sunbound Lighting. We also reserve the right to void any quotation of price in the event the customer to whom such quotations made, changes the order with respect to any factor reflected in the price or other terms originally quoted.

Lead Time

Our standard lead time is 5 business days for orders. HomeCare will not be responsible for deviation in meeting shipping or delivery schedules. Such specific agreement shall be deemed null and void if the delay is due to any cause beyond our reasonable control including and without limitation to force majeure, priorities of the government or federal, state or municipal agency, or other agencies not within our control which prevent the delivery of the products.


All orders are shipped for free from our facility in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. HomeCare reserves the right to select routing and best method of transportation. If the customer specifies an alternate method of shipping (such as air shipment) or special routing, the customer must assume all freight charges. Additionally, local customers may choose to pick up an order and shipping charges will be excluded.


Prices do not include any federal, state or local taxes, which may be applicable. The purchaser shall pay any federal, state or local tax imposed by virtue of a sale. If a tax exemption is claimed, such exemption must comply with the legal guidelines established by the governing authorities.


HomeCare, a division of Sunbound Technology LLC, makes every effort to verify and ensure that product specifications on this website are correct and up-to-date. However we reserve the right to make engineering changes that affect any critical product dimension without notice. Sunbound Technology LLC shall not be held liable for any cost related to such a change, misprint, instruction, or product template error.