What is Yellow Light?

The main source of blue light is the sun, and our bodies are programmed to respond to that light. During the day, the blue light in sunlight boosts our attention, memory, energy levels, reaction times, and overall mood. It’s the signal to our brains that we should be up and about. Absence of blue light signals that we should be resting.

How does It work?

Researchers have found that exposure to short-wavelength (blue) light, which is abundant in daylight, during the biological day directly and immediately improves focus, alertness, and performance.

Effect on The Circadian System

The IonBlue Shake Off is the world’s first application of LED lighting to control circadian rhythm. This study was made popular by NASA, which implemented blue light to help astronauts adjust to living in space. Maintaining synchronized circadian rhythms is important to health and well-being.

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